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Charles Robinson (CUTTING TOOLS) Limited has an extensive portfolio of research and development projects encompassing local, national, and international state of the art initiatives.

Recent research has included the following:


Accurate cutting of composites for body armour, with mutli-layered flexible and varied materials requiring simultaneous cutting to a high accuracy and quality.



Manufacturing cutting machines & tools to a high quality using clean materials (including stainless steel blades and lexan polycarbonate bases) to create a sterile environment for high accuracy cutting.



Overcoming problems in cutting highly flexible materials and maintaining quality of cutting with production runs.

bespoke cnc routed transit cases and storage boxes

Polycarbonate and stainless steel rule for medical industry die cutting


The company has been involved in over 10 European research projects with a total budget of over €20million. More recently these have included:

  • ExtremeFactories - On-the-cloud environment implementing agile management methods for enabling the set-up, monitoring and follow-up of business innovation processes in industrial SMEs. (FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF-285164) 01/09/2011 – 28/02/2014
  • Cloud-SME – Providing powerful simulation software tools to manufacturing and engineering SMEs to enable them to better manage workflow capacities and management; via the Cloud. (FP7-2012-NMP-ICT-FoF-608886) 01/07/2013 – 31/12/2015
  • SOILCY - New sustainable compressor oil production and use. Towards a long eco-efficient life cycle (NMP2-CT-2005-515848) 01/09/2005 - 31/08/2009

bespoke cnc routed transit cases and storage boxes

JI1 Working with Eco Designers - Jason Iftakhar's Raw Bench & Table

  • ASSIST - Knowledge-Based Intelligent Design Assistant for SMEs (COOP-CT-2004-512841) 15/11/2004 - 14/09/2006
  • FOKSAI - SME Focussed Knowledge Management System to support extended product in ambient intelligence domain (COOP-CT-2003-508637) 01/02/2004 - 31/01/2006
  • AIM - Acceleration of Innovative ideas to Market (IST-2002-52222) 01/06/2002 - 30/09/2005
  • REMOTE - Remote Product/Customer Support via Extended Enterprise (GRD1-2000-25433) 01/03/2001 - 31/08/2003
  • VALIDATE - Process and Product Validation for SMEs (CRAFT-1999-70025) 31/05/2001 - 31/10/2002

For further details or enquiries about our research activities please contact our R&D Director:-

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